Radio Interview with Jenn Dubey from Michigan Business Show is called Evolving Corporate Health. Aired June 7, 2014

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I'm humbled at the kind words written by the Clare County Review in the Feb. 14th edition.

and especially those written by Pat Maurer in her personal column:

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The above video is the TV interview that was taped last March for the PBS show called Uncommon Sense with Junia Doan. It's not quite a half hour long and is a candid and honest dialogue of my journey. I had no idea what the host would ask, so it's just an informal sharing of my story. This copy has my name spelled wrong but they corrected it before it aired.





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 My name is Theresa Borawski and I am a walking-talking miracle! I used to weigh 428 pounds and depended on that wheelchair pictured in the header to get around, but today I am a new person! I have lost 275 pounds without surgery, diet pills, or fad diets. Come, read my story and join me on my journey and learn how You, too, can change your life!